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July 2014



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Jul. 30th, 2014


Tough month...

Lots of friends and relations in distress. Not good, Universe.

Trying not to stress out over Mike's upcoming surgery.

Some good stuff happening...hope it lasts.

And then, in the entertainment side of life, first James Garner. Many great memories of his work. And now we've lost James Shigeta. I have had a crush on him since...good Lord, "The Outer Limits."

And here comes August, and my birthday...

Jul. 12th, 2014


Oh. July.

So, not much with the posting, being in a fannish limbo and all.

Also I am up too early because of things.

A fair summer so far, not counting the insanity of work and the Husband's semi-annual (um every couple of years?) medical stuff. Good vibes welcome.

Don't like the changes to LJ. I kinda watch a few tumblrs, but...definitely not my thing.

Oh, and four tornadoes touched down across CNY on Tuesday, one of them deadly. We only had "straight line" winds across the city, but wow--I've never seen so much tree and power line damage at one time. And lucky right here! Huge trees down just a few houses up and down the street from our house.

And...that's all I know.

Apr. 30th, 2014


So, April happened

And was not much of a month. Never really felt like spring (and now it's like March or November), the only highlight being the anniversary surprise from the girls.

And now, damn it, Bob Hoskins has passed away.

Apr. 1st, 2014



I stayed up till 2 this morning reading "Raising Steam." It was...a good story. But so bittersweet. Embers, no sparks. But I'll bever say good-bye to the Disc and all its marvelous inhabitants, not when there are so many wonderful books to read over and over again.

Mar. 12th, 2014


What's that? Winter Storm Vulcan is a'coming?

Hope everyone out there stays safe and warm today--be careful!


Still only raining here, but we're in the "foot or more of snow" path. Maybe.

Phone calls we'll get at the library today:

"Are you closed?"

"Are you closing early?"

"When are you closing today?"

"I need to renew my books!" (Variations thereof of x infinity.)

"Will you be open tomorrow?"

Then there's the entertainment factor of people walking in the door complaining about how awful it is outside.

More fun than anyone deserves to have.


Feb. 19th, 2014


You can't make this stuff up.

Seriously, if your last name is Case, why on earth would you name your daughter Charity?

Feb. 17th, 2014


Modern times

So, I now own my very first device: A Samsung tab3. Oooh, shiny. (Our family desktop and my very simple cell phone do not count--well, maybe the iPod nano Michelle had--as a grad present from us--then passed back to me a few years ago, does count).

Along with a wireless network for the house, Michelle got us a whatcha-callit box for streaming on the TV. Oooh, Netflix and all that jazz! (We did have Netflix for the computer before this.) Another bold step into the 21st century!

So when I'm watching movies or Brit TV or whatever, I can open the tablet and go searching IMDb or Wiki to get the scoop when I spot an actor whose work I like or who I want to find out more about or confirm where I've seen them before. Which is a thing with me.

(Yet whenever I see or try any of these new tech toys, I can never forget that moment so many years ago, when we scaled up from our Commodore 64 to our first PC [had to have been in '86] and the ever sage Susan Garret gave me this piece of advice: "Learn to love the mouse.")

Feb. 1st, 2014



How did that happen?

Work is a real drag. We lost a very good young clerk (she took a nanny job, God bless her) and it's absolutely nuts on the desk. Plus it's tax time, and people are just so clueless. They'll grab forms just because they're there, and of course we haven't received all the instruction books, and...arrgh.

It's warmed up a little, and there's another storm due in on Wednesday. We haven't had any significant snowfall yet...all the heavy stuff keeps missing us.

Missing Doctor Who. Hate the wait till September. Still loving Elementary.

And that's all I know.

Jan. 3rd, 2014

cake or death

Where is it from?

While marathoning "Call the Midwife" series 2 yesterday, I was suddenly reminded of a quote from some other British TV show. One that I must have seen several times, for the line to stick in my brain.

Part of me is sure it came from an episode of Classic Who*. But it could have been from a comedy, or a movie...

Anyway, the line is "I was a Brown Owl."

*"The Stones of Blood?" Maybe?

ETA: Yes! Thank you, Pagefillers Reviews! It was said by Vivenne/Cessair, to the Doctor and Romana, and the actual line is "I used to be a Brown Owl." And I remember it because of Romana's bewildered reaction.


Dec. 30th, 2013



Suggestions please!

We are hoping to go wireless in the house. I'd like to get a tablet (or laptop?) to use mostly at home, mostly for web surfing, maybe magazine content, streaming (though we'll be getting Netflix for the TV); I need good resolution, easy to read, easy on the eyes. I don't want teeny-tiny, but still easy to handle. And affordable...under $300?

I don't thnk I'll need 4G. But ability to increase memory and all that?

Yeah, I'm kinda clueless.

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